Carnival Cruises

If you’re thinking of cruising, there’s a very good chance you’re considering a Carnival cruise. Growing since its founding in 1972, Carnival Cruise Line — “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line®” — now carries millions of passengers every year. Our newest ship is Carnival Horizon, which debuted in 2018, while the revamped Carnival Sunrise kicked things off this April. Still to come this year is the new Carnival Panorama… and next year, definitely look for the transformed Carnival Radiance and the game-changing new Mardi Gras.
In a nutshell… Carnival is all about fun vacations at sea and ashore! A Carnival cruise features day and nighttime entertainment like stage shows, musical performances, deck parties, casinos and more. (Like what? Like waterslides!) They invite their guests to come as they are, and make everyone feel right at home with comfy staterooms, attentive service, casual and elegant dining, plus a variety of bars and gathering places indoors and out. Guests enjoy this unique experience against the backdrop of some of the world’s most beautiful seaports.
Carnival's 26 ships operate 3- to 24-day voyages, departing from every coast in the U.S., as well as Canada, Puerto Rico and Barbados. While they’re best known for Caribbean cruises, they sail to other exotic and amazing destinations like Mexico, Alaska, The Bahamas, Europe, Hawaii and the Far East. Choose Fun!

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Ship Year Built Refurbished Passengers Ship Rating
Carnival Conquest 2002 2017 2,980
Carnival Ecstasy 1991 2017 2,056
Carnival Elation 1998 2017 2,130
Carnival Freedom 2007 2019 2,980
Carnival Glory 2003 2017 2,980
Carnival Liberty 2005 2016 2,974
Carnival Magic 2011 2016 3,690
Carnival Pride 2002 2019 2,124
Carnival Radiance 2000 2020 3,873
Carnival Sensation 1993 2017 2,056
Carnival Sunrise 1999 2019 3,873
Carnival Sunshine 1996 2018 3,002
Carnival Victory 2000 2018 2,764